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Villa SeaBreeze

Penthouse Atmosphere

with Bar Plot on Top

Our Villa SeaBreeze (Nomen es Omen) is located away from mass tourism - offers tranquility, unparalleled views of both the sea and the surrounding forests and all the amenities you want on holiday.

Nevertheless, the fast internet as well as the Astra satellite reception on flat screens in all rooms on 3 levels provide the basis for all family members.

Whether the barbecue is used with the sun chairs in the garden or on the top terrace - high above the surroundings - the result is incomparable in all cases. The cosiness of the house is underlined by the open fireplace, which is guarded by the black panther of the hostess, as well as the pavilion in the garden which protects the "house bar" from too much sun. In addition to the in-house pool is the free use of a 19m pool only 1km away at the free disposal of SeaDream Rental Apartments.

The affectionate decor in the style of the boutique apartments reflects the character of Elena, who contributes too personally to the common projects with her German partner and identifies with the feel-good atmosphere of her guests. Whenever a guest has special wishes in the design of their stay - whether cots in the bedrooms, special pillows or just the planning assistance for holiday attractions - she and her husband are always available in an effort to please the guest.

The Location: The beach Ficiosa - less known to tourists than the locals and therefore not crowded - is only a five minute drive away. Here you will find restaurants and a cozy beach bar.

If you want to dine high above Varna, you only need 4km. Drive in the other direction for 5 minutes! We recommend this at sunset - not for nothing there are next to the restaurants the spectacular observation deck overlooking Varna and the harbor.

The nearest supermarket is in Galata about 5 minutes drive away. The nearest shopping center can be reached in about 8 minutes in Asparuhovo. Here is also the beach with restaurants and evening entertainment such as live music, children's entertainment, etc., also overlooking Varna.

Varna center with its impressive cathedral and renovated downtown is another 4 minutes drive away.

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